Portrait of a family

A family portrait, the Gentili from making pasta to managing a renaissance property in a small Tuscany country village

Around the XIX century

Ferdinando Gentili was born in 1820 and according to the “stato delle anime” [census] dated 1849 his family counted five members, including his son Ranieri, two years old at that time.
The stato delle anime files were produced by the local priests, counting people in each and every family at Easter time, so it’s now a very useful document to track where the people lived and the member of the family.

By the same file, the Gentili family portrait shows in 1861, Ferdinando as “padrone pastaio” (owner and pasta maker) along with ten family member and four workers “garzone, lavoranti al forno e pastai”.

During the second XIX century the Pastificio Ferdinando Gentili became Pastificio Ferdinando Gentili e Figli as Ranieri and Fabio with their families lived and operated together with their father. The large family in 1885 counted twentyone people. At that time the Pastificio attended various international competition as attested by this side picture where is mentioned the “steam establishment” as steam was the power used at that time to run equipments.

Ferdinando Gentili

Around the XX century

Ferdinando Gentili & family
When Ferdinando died in 1892, the company was managed by Ranieri, during the same year Ranieri’s third son was born and was given the same name of the founder.

The company then was moved to Rigoli by Ranieri and his wife Ermelinda, and managed by their son Gentile; finally in 1911 Ranieri established his family and the pasta factory, in the renaissance villa located in Avane, on the other side of the Serchio river.

Gentile and Ferdinando continued managing the pasta factory and living in the villa with their families. Later on Gentile moved to Florence where an additional pasta factory was established since 1932, and Ferdinando and his sons Alberto e Carlo continued managing the company in Avaen up to the end of the ’60 when the plant was shutted down being too small to compete with larger plants launched at that time.

Around the XXI century

Now the pasta factory is no more active, the Gentili family portrait is moved on and is going to continue with coming up generations; nevertheless the family is committed to protect the legacy received and ensure it is passed onto future generations for their enjoyment. Several projects on going are focused on attracting people to explore their history and heritage.
Ferdinando Gentili & family
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