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Casa Gentili at a glance

Spacious accommodations in the very outside of the small country village; next to the river bank, a charming and inspiring environment for leisure travelers.

flexible accommodations


Apartment Ideal for couples or families

1 bedroom | Sleeps 5

Extended Layout

Apartment Ideal for large families or friends

2 bedrooms | Sleeps 8

the double bedroom

B&B room, ideal for couples

Sleeps 3

The suite

B&B room, ideal couples or families

Sleeps 4

Through the eyes of our guests

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Be a local traveler

Take a walk around our small village, give it a try scouting wild asparagus or meet Angelo – the shepherd – on the river’s dike. Want more fun? Have a look at the map, hike the hill top and span view over the lake and the costline.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, a villa was built in Tuscany, next to the river bank
Once upon a time a family was early producing pasta on the other side of the river
Once upon a time a family settled into the villa, moving the pasta factory over there too.

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