Stock large tree trunks, by your hands

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Avoid using large equipment or machinery

Hopefully there are plenty of equipments to facilitate our outdor activity, nevertheless there are many reasons not to use the power tools.

Find out why and how.

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About the author

Marco-Gentili-b-w_w-name_optOwner & handyman at Casa Gentili

Marco served serveral multinational companies over 20 years,  when world faced economic crisis in 2008 he gave up his staff activity and focused on the legacy property. >> Read more

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You can do that just by your hands

Create a well organized large trunks stock area

When it’s not possible to use mechanical equipment, because heavy machinery may cause major issues to the soil, or because getting the equipment and the operator in house takes too long or it’s too expensive, it’s the right time to prove yourself your can do that by your hands and with some basic tooling.

I think, the latter was for me the reason for me, to make this job.

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Basic tooling to do the job

This job just require basic tooling, the fulcrum, the stopper, the lever, each has a specific role to play.

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Fulcrum is the very basic tool, it will be proportional to the resistance and the lever diameter and height; additionally the fulcrum need to be moved easily, so the round shape is the best to roll it over the ground

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Levers: two long, strong and differently shapeed spars are needed; the reason for that is while one lifts up the trunk, the other wedges under the resistance inner area, avoiding to trunk to fall back when releasing the first one. For this reason the best is using levers with different shape, one thinner  the other larger, so one can work where the other can’t.

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Stopper: this tool may be a very small piece of wood placed beneath the fulcrum.

It’s very useful to stop the fulcrum during the motion; don’t forget that a round shape fulcrum may roll back when in action under the lever, so a simple piece of wook will work pwerfectly to stop it.

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Tooling in action

Here you can see the tooling placed in action. With a simple and affordable effort just one man can roll the large trunk over the ground and in just a few steps the large tree trunk is moved into the stock.

Please note this cherry tree trunk was 2,3 m long and 50 cm wide so the weight was around 1,3 tons (90×20 inch or 2800 lb)

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Fine tuning to stock the trunk


When reaching the stock area, some fine tuning is required to move the trunk precisely and organize the stock properly.

This can be done by operating the lever on the trunk edge so that the resistance turns around the opposite edge and finally gets into the right place.

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What’s next

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Better save some long spar and other piece of wood in your barrn, as this may be useful in the future for unusual jobs like that.


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